About Me

Hi, I am Aswin. Lover of computers, *NIX, autos and all things tech. I program, read, teach and does some basic I/O when bored. This is my memory dump for all good people to see :)

What do you do?

I tweak my Linux box, try to get better at programming, lust at old hardware, cars and spends a good deal of time thinking. I am also trying to earn my daily bread by working for a company called XILINX. By the way, everything I say in this blog is from my personal opinion and is in no way related to XILINX.

What programming languages do you use?

Anything that makes me happy :D
Python and C are favorites, but sadly I still remain a newbie at C (working hard to fix this by the way!)

Which OS do you use?

Originally, I tended to use lots and lots of Linux with Windows thrown in occasionally, when I felt I needed a break. My current job requires me to use a Windows laptop to connect to the UNIX virtual machines, where the actual work is done. Yup. Not very cool.

Who designed this blog

This blog was designed from scratch using plain old HTML and CSS. It was heavily inspired by Dan Luu's and UNIX Sheikh's blogs Please feel free to re-use any styling elements if you feel they are good enough!

Can you be hired?

Maybe! take a look at my resume


Feel free to drop in a mail: aswinbabuk [at] gmail [dot] com
Better still, you can connect with me on LinkedIn